Hello everyone! I’m gonna be busy from now on, managing the file of the book, because Wuffle the Big Nice Wolf Year 2 is going to be printed! We’ve reached the goal! Hooray! 

Thank you so much everyone! There are still more than 50 days to contribute and get some rewards before the campaign ends! XD

Our editor, Guts, has something to say to all the readers, too:

"Our campaign for printing Wuffle book 2 just reached the goal today! Thanks everyone for your contribution, be it monetarily or helping us spread the word. 

It’s amazing to see that this project got funded within a few days. Did you know that it took us one whole month for last year’s campaign to reach the goal? 

Hopefully Wuffle will be an example to show that you don’t need copyright to make money from your work. If you do the best you can and care about those who like your work, your fans will care about you and support you in return.

We still have many weeks left and I’d love to see the campaign reach the stretch goal. Let’s see how far we can go this time!

Anyway, just a friendly reminder that our comics are in the public domain and free for anyone to use. You can even print them and sell them if you want to!”

- Piti Yindee


Here, have some pictures I’ve been sitting on for awhile… my two pups, Frisbee and Bit, at the ren faire in IL last year!! I love them so <3